Friday, November 6, 2015

Farm to School Update

Greetings Farm to School enthusiasts! I just returned from Green Mountain Farm to School's Second Annual Conference at Sterling College and am feeling excited about all of the possibilities at RES. So far this year we have had our first taste test, our 6th annual Harvest Fest, two community dinners featuring local food, farm to after school enrichment, and much more. Looking ahead to November we have our taste test on November 18th featuring the Harvest of the Month: Kale! With the second graders we have a field trip to Jericho Settlers Farm this coming Tuesday and we are working on pulling together a field trip to a dairy farm with the first graders. NOFA-VT is hosting Agricultural Literacy Week November 16-21st so we will be featuring information about events around the state and trying to incorporate the curriculum here at RES. All in all, there's lots of exciting things happening at RES and all over Vermont with Farm to School. Stay tuned and get involved! Contact Mae at for more information or ways to help out.

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