Monday, April 13, 2015

Friday's Frittata, Jeh Kulu, and Smoothie Thursday

Last Friday we had some delicious bacon & cheese and cheese frittata on the lunch menu. The best part was that all of the eggs came right from Jericho Settlers' Farm. It was a huge hit (especially with a little ketchup) and we're so glad that Makayla finally got some bacon! YUM!

This week, RES will be hosting the dance and drum ensemble, Jeh Kulu. Not only will students have the opportunity to dance with and learn from these talented artists, but they will also have the chance to taste of the of the traditional food of West Africa at lunch. Mrs. Kent has been hard at work making some foods that will be new, but delicious, to many of you. Here is what is on the Wednesday's lunch menu:

Jeh Kulu Dancers & Drummers West African Special lunch
Chicken Yassa- marinated& roasted
Couscous – ( like rice)
Futari – cinnamon sweet potatoes
Ethiopian Cabbage Salad (like bubble & squeak)
Bennes Cakes – sesame cookies
Mango, pineapple, papaya salad
(Turkey Sandwich option)

Lastly, Thursday's smoothie flavor will be Blueberry-Pomegranate. It was a favorite last time we served it so plan on another scrumptious breakfast or snack on Thursday.

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