Thursday, April 9, 2015

Smoothies and More Sugar on Snow

It was another busy week at RES in the culinary department. The school wide celebration on Tuesday was wildly successful and left everyone feeling very happy to be a Vermonter -- sugar on snow with warm Slopeside Syrup, pickles to cut the sweetness, and doughnuts, just because!

Last month when students were delivering their very persuasive letters to Mrs. Kent she received one from Eben suggesting that smoothies be served, not just on Thursdays, but EVERYDAY! It's a great idea, in theory, but Mrs. Kent wasn't so sure how it would work out in practice. Making smoothies is a lot of work! Mrs. Kent invited Eben to come in and help her prepare the smoothies on Wednesday afternoon in order to have them ready for the 7:30 a.m. breakfast rush. After an hour of scooping, pouring, puréeing, blending, mixing, and tasting Eben realized the time and effort that goes into making these delicious smoothies and agreed that once a week was just right. Eben's Raspberry-Peach smoothies were a huge hit!
In go the puréed peaches. 
Scraping the last bits of raspberry yogurt. 
And a little skim milk...
Finally, a vat of raspberry-peach smoothie for RES! Thanks for all of your help Eben!

And lastly, we had one more visit to make today for the sugar on snow celebration...Pre-school! Our pre-schoolers weren't in school on Tuesday when everyone else was celebrating so Mrs. Kent made sure they were included in the fun! Mrs. Kent even showed-off her skills by whipping up some maple sugar candy on the spot. It was pure magic, and deliciousness. 
Mrs. Kent and Kyle hand out sugar on snow to the RES pre-schoolers. 

The magic show begins. 
Maple sugar candy is made. 
And enjoyed by all...
Of course Kyle and Ms. Redman had to try it for ourselves back in the kitchen.
Keep stirring and...

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