Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Week's Happenings

Last week was a busy week with a visit to Cochran's to join Governor Shumlin for his annual tree tapping, a "cheese-y" taste test on Wednesday, followed up with a fun and delicious school lunch honoring the first day or spring!

On Wednesday, we took a slight detour from our usual tasting of vegetables and decided to have students taste two kinds of delicious, local cheeses. We tasted a mild cheddar from Grafton Village and a classic goat cheese from Midnight Goat Farm, just down the road in Huntington. While many kids liked the cheddar cheese, an overwhelming majority LOVED the goat cheese, even those who were trying it for the first time. Students were begging for more and asking where they could buy some. In fact, one student just reported today that he and a friend went out shopping, with goat cheese on their list, because of this taste test!

Friday marked the first day of spring and the RES cafeteria was busy getting a "springy" meal together for our students. On the menu was roasted Misty Knoll drumsticks, springy noodles, kale chips, and DIRT!! A couple of our students didn't care for the kale chips on their own, but crushed up over their noodles was perfection. 

Happy Hot Lunchers

The "Kale Crushers"

Delicious Dirt with Meringue Mushrooms by Mrs. Kent

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