Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baby Goats at Midnight Goat Farm

This just in from our friendly goat farmer, Yves, at Midnight Goat Farm in Huntington. He has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of lots of new kids on the farm and five have already arrived! Meet the new additions to the farm below. They're the reason for that delicious goat cheese after all...

Phew!  We have our first bunch of kids.  I thought I would send you a few shots as I waited for milk to warm for their 10pm feeding.  

In honor of the year of the goat and our first born on our new farm little miss Yi.

She was soon followed by her sister Iggy (born a little Icky)

and brother Hank (Hanksville). 

Our boss Lady Shawna had just one, Caesar. 

And finally, this afternoon, our Princess Phyona gave us a huge girl we named Eloise.

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