Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Smoothie Thursday!

Smoothie Day!
  • ·        Students can sign up for smoothies in their classroom.
  • ·        On Thursday mornings students will come to the cafeteria to pick one up to take to the classroom for breakfast or snack. Kindergarten and preschool smoothies will be delivered to their classrooms.
  • ·        16oz fruit and yogurt smoothies with a whole grain are a quick, delicious, nutritious start to the day and a great pick me up snack!
  • ·        For the same cost as a regular breakfast or snack bag!  $1.75 students/ $2.00 adults
  • ·        Served in our new reusable RES Cougar Cups!

  • February 12th's smoothie flavor is:
    Chocolate-Banana Smoothie
    Bananas, Monument Farms milk, Cabot yogurt, cocoa, 
    Slopeside maple syrup, and vanilla

    Served with a whole grain breakfast snack 

    Smoothie flavors and days are posted on the 
    Farm to School Blog and on the Breakfast Menu

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