Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Community Art Project - Unveiled

If you attended the RES Farm to School Harvest Festival in October chances are the you had the opportunity to add you artistic touch to the Community Art Project. The four gorgeous pieces of artwork have received their finishing touches and have been installed on our cafeteria walls for all to admire. Stop by and check them out for yourself...they are truly stunning. Perhaps you can swing by during your child's lunch tomorrow (1/28) and join us for our monthly taste test - PARSNIP CHIPS!

  Summer Tomato

  Creamy Avocado

  Robust Carrots

  Rainbow Chard

* A big THANK YOU to Kathryn Wysockey-Johnson, Amy Gifford, Heather Drury, and Rebecca Garavan for organizing and facilitating this wonderful and treasured tradition. 

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