Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Smoothie Thursday!

We are serving smoothies on Thursdays!

  • Students can sign up for smoothies in their classroom.
  • On Thursday mornings students will come to the cafeteria to pick one up to take to the classroom for breakfast or snack. Kindergarten and preschool smoothies will be delivered.
  • 16oz fruit and yogurt smoothies with a whole grain are a quick, delicious, nutritious start to the day and a great pick me up snack!
  • For the same cost as a regular breakfast or snack bag!  $1.75 students/ $2.00 adults
  • Served in our new reusable RES Cougar Cups!

Thursday January 22nd flavor is:

Owls Head Blueberry!

Cabot Yogurt, Monument Farms Milk, 

Owls Head Blueberries, Slopeside Maple Syrup

Served with a whole grain breakfast snack

Smoothie flavors and days are posted on the Farm to School Blog and on the Breakfast Menu

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